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360 Enjoys Best Sales Month In Europe Yet >
2008/12/04 9:49:44: Posted by DM
MS claims that the Xbox360 has had its biggest sales numbers posted for last month overseas with sales up almost 124%. Citing data from GfK Chart-Track, Microsoft claims the Xbox 360 outsold PlayStation 3 in the entire European region, with significant market gains in France, Spain and Italy. While sales in November were up 124 per cent year-on-year, sales of rival consoles the Wii and PlayStation 3 were up 43 per cent and 3 per cent, respectively. Microsoft may have finally become a significant player on the non-Japanese game console hardware scene. Thanks in no small part to Xbox Live.

"November was a very significant milestone for Xbox – we sold the most consoles ever in our history in Europe, and are outselling PlayStation 3 week-on-week across Europe," said Chris Lewis, regional VP of Xbox in Europe. "Since the reduction in the Xbox 360 ERP in September, bringing the entry-level price point for Xbox 360 down to GBP 129.99, consumers have responded enthusiastically to the Xbox 360 offering. Our strong partnerships with retail and with publishers have played a big role in this success – we are working closely with retail to ensure a steady supply of consoles throughout the Christmas season, and third-party games have been selling well on the Xbox 360 platform and providing great choice for consumers," he added.

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Written by Xenos on 2008/12/04

Well since they are done next year, I guess they better get the chest beat done now while they can....
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/12/04

360 = Fail
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