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2009/06/11 17:03:43: By DM
It seems that Ubisoft is not waiting around for Nintendo to come out with a Wii camera. Taking matters into their own hands, Ubisoft is releasing a body-tracking camera for use with the upcoming Wii game, Your Shape. The camera uses "proprietary body tracking technology," and will come bundled with the game, of course. There is no price or release date set just yet. Ubisoft said that the camera will scan your body into the game and then use it on your TV to make working out a bit more fun and interactive. Hopefully it works as well as Natal seemed to work.
2009/06/11 16:56:13: By DM
The outspoken game analyst Michael Pachter has come out to claim that Sony is "ripping off" gamers by charging $249.99 for the PSP GO! Even though this was the price for the original fat PSP, it seems that a newer, smaller, sexier, more technologically advanced device, should be cheaper. Pachter says, anyway. He claims the new device does not cost as much to make as the Slim PSP-3000. That may be, but it is new, and it is Sony, what did he expect?
2009/06/11 15:05:08: By DM
THQ is working on a new patch for the UFC 2009 Undisputed game that will stop cheaters in their tracks. Cheaters have apparently been disconnecting from UFC fights online when they are about to lose, thus having the fight not affect their record. The new update is in the final testing stage though, and it will be out very soon. The patch will end the cheating, presumably by detecting disconnects and punishing gamers who have too many. Good news.

2009/06/11 14:10:59: By DM
The second Killzone 2 map pack, called the Flash and Thunder Pack, is now available for download. The pack adds revamped versions of two maps from the original Killzone game, among other things. The two maps, "Beach Head," and "Southern Hills," were apparently the best of the best from Killzone 1. We were not aware that Killzone 1 was that popular.
2009/06/11 12:30:11: By DM
Cevat Yerli, the Crytek boss, has explained why it has taken so long for Crytek to make a console game. Their first outing will be Crysis 2, and Yerli calls it "perfectionism. There was 2 to 3 years of technical research and development into consoles before development on Crysis 2 started. We had to make a technological breakthrough before we could commit to those quality bars." Sounds like Crysis 2 could be one of the best console games to date. Let's hope so.
2009/06/11 12:20:10: By DM
Not much news today, for some reason. Even though it was all but confirmed, most of us knew that Criterion was taking over the Need For Speed franchise over at EA. Well, now it is official. The Burnout crew will be heading up development of the new NFS series reboot. Now that the Criterion team is in charge of another racing series, we should definitely see the Burnout influence in the new NFS games. It's a good thing!
2009/06/11 10:45:53: By DM
The Battlefield franchise will continue soon, with a proper sequel. It should come as no surprise that Battlefield 3 has now been confirmed, but no real details were given. The info was revealed during a company investor conference this week, and the game should be out this year, if the info is to be believed. More info when we have it.
2009/06/10 16:23:52: By DM
It looks like the disagreements in the real world over Van Halen and its members will be spilling over to the supposed GH Van Halen game being developed. It seems that Sammy Hagar will not be included, but instead we will get David Lee "I'm Just A Gigolo" Roth. Not that we mind, but Hagar fans will boycott it for sure. Also, Halen's son Wolfgang will be featured instead of long-time bass player Michael Anthony. Wolfgang played for the 2007 reunion tour only, apparently. Oh well, I guess that's why they are calling it GH: Van Failen.

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