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2007/07/24 9:45:32: By DM
Sony has released the 3.52 PSP firmware for download and upgrade. The firmware apparently does not do much besides preventing users from downgrading their units in order to play homebrew/pirate software.
2007/07/24 8:03:40: By vividbreeze
NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. has announced the launch of a new community website to celebrate NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Heroes, the first NARUTO game for the Sony PSP. Ninja fans worldwide can log in and explore the techniques and stories behind their favorite NARUTO characters from the game, including Sasuke, Rock Lee, Sakura, and Naruto himself. Trailers, screenshots, artwork and more await on the site, as well as NARUTO newsletters and fan resources. Additionally, all Hidden Leaf Village residents are invited to enter the Hokage's Room, the ultimate NARUTO community site where users can access fan forums, unique ninja missions, and chances to win exclusive NARUTO gear.
2007/07/17 8:26:12: By DM
The redesigned PSP will officially be available in Japan on September 20, 2007. This announcement confirms Sony's E3 promise that the unit would hit retail stores
sometime in September." The 33% lighter unit will retail for JPY 19,800 and come in six colours: Piano Black, Ceramic White, Ice Silver, Rose Pink, Lavender Purple and Felicia Blue. We are sure it will sell out, so pre-order now.

2007/07/11 13:57:00: By HoTHiTTeR
Hot off the presses at E3, Sony announces a new white PSP w/ Star Wars Battlefront : Renegade Squadron. This new pack will retail for $199.99 and will be available this October. Images coming soon!
2007/06/29 16:04:34: By DM
Sony has released another updated firmware version for the PSP, again mainly to combat a form of PSP downgrader that hackers use to play copied games on the handheld. The back and forth battle between Sony and PSP hackers continues, you would think Sony would find a way to incorporate the homebrew scene into their gameplay in order to beef up sales of the handheld.
2007/06/25 8:34:10: By DM
Over the weekend it was reported on the web that the next Sony PSP update would remove the PSP CPU speed cap of 222mgz, which was set in order to preserve battery life way back in the early days of the handheld. Well, to official story is that the PSP's full CPU speed unlock will only affect in-development titles. Previously released games will stil run at 222mhz, not 333mhz. Better than nothing, folks.
2007/06/18 17:06:15: By DM
Bad news for the EWJ fans out there. The EWJ PSP game was looking good, it hard great graphics and solid gameplay. Well, PSPFanboy contacted Atari for un update and got this shocker:

"I believe EWJ is off the roster. May be revisited in the future, but the title is, as I hear it, on hold."

This could be really bad news. If this is a result of Atari's issues or the PSP's issues, we are not sure. All EWJ fans out there, e-mail Atari and let them know there is a market for the game on PSP!
2007/05/31 10:15:19: By DM
For those PSP users among you, take note, the 3.5 firmware is now available for download. This update includes many remote play features, and if you use the feature you must log in to the PSN through your PSP.

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