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2006/02/22 13:27:52: By DM
All the stories Eurogamer posted that stemmed from the leaked Sony press info have been removed, but we grabbed the info on Killzone PSP before it was taken down. Here it is, click read more for the full text.

Sony's upcoming PSP version of Killzone is due out in November on both sides of the Atlantic, and features co-operative and online multiplayer options, according to a bundle of leaked Sony marketing documentation that the publisher has yet to comment on.
2006/02/21 16:25:31: By DM
According to the DigitalTimes, Sony plans to release a version of its PSP (PlayStation Portable) using 8 GB of NAND flash from Samsung Electronics in the second half of this year. This may have been the source of the PSP2 rumors that were surfacing at the end of last week. Sony originally planned to go with a microdrive, but according to this article, Samsung NAND memory is now the storage unit of choice.
2006/02/21 8:38:20: By DM
According to PSP Updates, the first images of the PSP 3.0 Firmware have been leaked. The new firmware also patched the GTA exploit which allows 2.x users to run homebrew code. Check it out and decide for youtself.

2006/02/20 8:40:17: By DM
We have a nice treat for you this morning, some screens from the recently announced Power Stone Collection for PSP. This game showed at the Capcom press event last week, and these look like a few caps someone grabbed with their camera. Click on the news title for the screens.
2006/02/17 17:46:51: By DM
Capcom's press event today has been summarized by Gamespy. To our big disappointment there was no mention of Street Fighter 4 like we were hoping, but there was some other nice suprises. The best of which being a new Powerstone collection for the PSP. This collection will feature PS 1 and 2 as well as some new additions. Of course there will be 4 player WiFi support. Other PSP goodness includes Capcom Puzzle World, a compilation of classic brain-ticklers. Super Puzzle Fighter 2 will headline this title alongside Block Block and a Buster Bros. Collection. Good stuff. Capcom also talked a bit about Okami, their highly stylaized game for PS2, as well as their next gen plans for Devil May Cry and Resident Evil. Check it out.
2006/02/17 10:45:38: By DM
Namco sedns along the first official screens from Tekken 5: Dark Ressurectino for the PSP. The game looks good, and you can certainly see it better than the scans we posted yesterday. Click on the news title for the full info and screens.

Bringing the pain to the portable system, TEKKEN: Dark Resurrection boasts two brand new characters, Lili and Dragunov, whose unique fighting styles and new moves will bring new blood to the ring as they go up against an impressive line up of classic TEKKEN characters, including the return of Armor King. Fighting fans are in for a new TEKKEN challenge as the opening movie sets the stage for the new characters to join the ranks of those who pursue the title of the King of the Iron Fist Tournament.
2006/02/16 17:21:58: By DM
According to this Japanese website, Samsung has stated that they are making NAND Flash Memory for the PSP2. In addition, Samsung claims SCEI wants to use Samsung Flash memory hard disk drives instead of a UMD Player in the new PSP. Now, we willl chalk this one up to rumor for now, but the smart money says it is certainly true in some form.
2006/02/16 8:41:00: By DM
According to Veriety, the PSP movie market has finally hit the wall. The sales of PSP movies are showing that the unit just may not be the wonderful movie platform that the film industry had hoped. Both Paramount and Warner are cutting back their UMD movie release list in response to slow UMD movie sales. Frankly we are surprised it took so long for this to happen.

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