Stringer Says Playstation 3 In US By End Of 2006 >
2006/03/05 20:57:01: Posted by DM
According to an article in Variety, the Playstation 3 is still on track for release before the end of 2006. Many have been speculating that the PS3 will not see release in the US until 2007, but we here at GR do not think Sony will pass up another next-gen Christmas seasons. In case you cannot read the whole article we grabbed the good bits, see below.

Sony will roll out the PS3 by year end, in time for the holidays. If PS3 "delivers what everyone thinks it will, the game is up," Stringer boasts.

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Written by optaviusx on 2006/03/05
So they are waiting it out so they can deliver on all the hype they surrounded themselves with. Sounds good if the titles don't disappoint. Hey if they give the games the proper time they need to be developed then they should be good. I hope they aren't foolishly still trying to achieve 1080p resolution because that quite frankly wont see the light of day on the ps3 and have the game look amazingly good at the same time.

Or to be more exact it wont look like a elder scrolls and be very playable unless they do some really AMAZING optimizations.
Written by Oen on 2006/03/06
"By end of 2006" sounds like "spring 06" to me. Oh wait.. no it doesn't.
Written by Itaintrite on 2006/03/06
1. Link doesn't work.

2. If you read the excerpt above, Stringer did NOT say that Sony would roll out the PS3 by year end.

My view? BS! Stringer probably said 1, and the author of the article wrote 2. Nice try PS3-bashers.
Written by Willykyu (3) on 2006/03/06
Yes you're right:

In Nextgeneration.com last article, they say "Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer has been talking PlayStation 3 although, contrary to some reports, he has not confirmed a Holiday launch for the machine.". So it pretty much sums up everything! still no infos about launch AT ALL! let's keep faith!
Written by supersithzilla (19) on 2006/03/06
if it does comes out for christmas they better have some kick ass games because no one is going to pay 500 to 700 for a system then turn around pay for shitty ass

games...remember the ps2 game at launch that had you shooting up fireworks.
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