Xplorer360 Beta 4 Released >
2006/03/01 15:48:53: Posted by DM
Our friends over at 360gamesaves.com have released beta 4 of their innovative Xplorer360 software. As you know, this is the application that lets you move and copy Xbox360 save games to and from the 360 console. This release fixes a multitude of bugs as well as adds some new features. Check it out.

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Written by Chris (8) on 2006/03/01
Why can't they make it so you can drag and drop files through a network instead of voiding your warranty?
Written by optaviusx on 2006/03/02
Void the warranty on the 360??? No thanks... too many good games, features, content on the way in addition to being kinda expensive to replace to do risk such a thing.
Written by MattTS (35) on 2006/03/02
Chris, because the 360's security hasn't been hacked?
Written by Alex (4) on 2006/03/02
I dont think this is voiding the warranty...isnt it done w/ a memory card..hooked up through usb? I know Datel is releasing a device that will do that for the 360. As long as you don't open the box... your warranty should stay intact. However...if you take the memory card apart to make it use usb, then that warranty would be voided.
Written by Chris (8) on 2006/03/02
It is voiding the warranty. You have to take apart your hard drive to do this.
Written by Oen on 2006/03/03
I have voiding warranties. sad.gif
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