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2006/04/06 9:33:11: Posted by DM
According to CVG, speculation is abounding that the new redesigned Nintendo DS will be hitting European stores on June 30. Their source is Lik-sang. We know, suspect at best, take it with a grain of salt.
2006/04/05 11:50:14: Posted by DM
Nintendo has updated its Spring 2006 release dates. The new Super Mario Brothers is coming June 30, and Metroid Prime Hunters is due the 5th of May. We still do not understand why Nintendo can not release DS games globally since the console is a proprietary video format.
2006/04/05 10:13:10: Posted by DM
According to an interview on NP, Zoo Keeper may be headed to the Revolution. In the article, it is mentioned that the game is heading to the Xbox360 for sure, we can only assume they mean the XBL Arcade.
2006/04/05 8:52:48: Posted by DM
According to this IGN blog, there is a new Tony Hawk's game coming to the Revolution called Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. Of course, other than the fact that it has something to do with downhill skating, no details were given.
2006/04/04 22:46:48: Posted by DM
Gamespot has translated in interview with the engineers who, in part, designed the look of the new Nintendo DS Lite. They pretty much give the lowdown on the new screen setup and the other new features. There are alot more changes under the hood than we previously thought.
2006/04/04 9:48:37: Posted by DM
Gametrailers has posted a video interview with Nintendo presidetn Iwata from the recent GDC event. He speaks mainly about the same topics discussed in his GDC keynote speech, but there are some new tidbits. Check it out.
2006/04/01 12:02:41: Posted by DM
According to Gamedaily, there may be a Revolution version of Merc Ecko's Getting Up in the works. It occurs to us that the revmote might indeed be perfect for spraying graffitti all over the virtual game world. If they make it work correctly, that is.
2006/03/31 20:46:09: Posted by DM
Grasshopper studios is currently developing Contact for the DS, and according to today's information will be debuting a brand new Revolution title at E3. No solid details on the game have been revealed, but knowing Grasshopper, it is sure to be interesting.
2006/03/31 17:21:25: Posted by DM
According to AMN, an unnamed developer is currently working on an FPS game for the Revolution which will take full advantage of the revmote. The game is said to be chock-full of the type of violence you rarely find on Nintendo consoles, with swordplay featuring prominently. More info when we have it.
2006/03/31 14:07:08: Posted by DM
According to CVG, trade mag MCV is claiming that a Nintendo spokesperson has attempted to shine light into the darkness by attemping to clarify Iwata's recent comments about the possibility of a global launch.Many said that Iwata indicated that a global launch wasn't happening, but now apparently it could be.
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