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2006/04/19 14:52:03: Posted by DM
According to the latest issue of Famitsu, in the rumor section there is a cryptic blurb about Sega's NiGHTS making an appearance on the Nintendo Revolution. NiGHTS with the Revmote will certainly be interesting to say the least.
2006/04/19 8:06:50: Posted by purbeast
According to AdvancedMN, Hudsonsoft is working on a flight game that will work with the Revolution pad. They will apparently be showing off this game at this year's E3 conference. Stay tuned.
2006/04/18 10:02:59: Posted by DM
Apparently there is a games called Nintendogs Dalmations & friends in the works. This listing comes from Europe's GAME retailer, so take it with a grain of salt.
2006/04/18 9:05:57: Posted by DM
Once again MATT over at IGN has some great info on his blog. This time around he gets up close and person with the Revmote. You can check it out for yourself.
2006/04/15 13:19:09: Posted by DM
According to Matt over at IGN, Nintendo will be showing off Metroid Prime III at E3 this year. This IGN editor frequently gives us the scoop ahead of time on his blog, but even still, take it with a grain of salt.
2006/04/14 14:30:00: Posted by DM
In the newest Famitsu there an an article about 4 new games that Nintendo is posting on their DS download service. Each game will get about 2 weeks before the next one is posted for download. Apparently this all stemmed from a few students who attended a Nintendo conference with some DS games they had made themselves. You can click on the news title to read the article for yourself (if you can read Japanese). (Thanks, BudokaiMR2)
2006/04/13 13:15:37: Posted by DM
This week's retro gaming column on 1up talks about Earthbound and how the game and other like it face a challenge when being prepared for US release. The most interesting part is the bit below, they claim that Nintendo themselves blocked the sale of Earthbound I & II (a single GBA cart) in the US for unknown reasons.

Both games were released on a single GBA cart several years ago in Japan, but much to the consternation of eager EB nuts, Nintendo chose not to release the collection in the U.S. (and reportedly blocked publishing efforts by third parties).
2006/04/13 10:34:28: Posted by DM
There was a recent event in Paris, and Nintendo showed off these photos of the Revmote in action. As you can see, there are even some pictures showing the pad with a sword and gun. That would never fly here in America. Click on the news title for the images.
2006/04/12 10:15:27: Posted by purbeast
Although we've all seen the pictures of this game floating around, Ubisoft has yet to make their official press release. Well now they have. Click on the news title to read the official word on this game coming straight from Ubisoft.
2006/04/12 9:29:08: Posted by purbeast
Nintendo Revolution is set yet again to make history. They are going to put out the first black and white game we've seen probably since pong! Click on the news title to read the full (but short) press release.
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