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2006/04/29 9:33:22: Posted by DM
Wii just cannot bring you enough Wii news. It seems the information blocks have all been wii-moved at once. According to RR, Reggie Fils-Aime let slip that the big N plans to show a new Racing game for the Wii at this year's E3. More info when we have it.
2006/04/29 8:00:11: Posted by DM
According to the Mozlapunk blog, Nintendo may have some more big secrets in store for the Wii. The article cites the fact that an IGN insider posted months ago about a Mushroom Kingom E3 event, and it ended up coming true. He then goes on to dissect more of this "insider's" predictions. Check it out, rumor mill for now.
2006/04/28 23:55:39: Posted by DM
We are running out of Nintendo news icons today. More Wii news, or more Wii speculation we should say. In the weekly IGN podcast of Matt Casamassina, there is a very cryptic statement. It is as follows:

Person 1 (Not sure who): "So when you go to EB in October or November, whenever this thing comes out, are you going to go, 'I would like to get Madden for Wii'? What do you say?"

Matt: "Yeah, in October when it comes out, I will probably say, 'I would like to get Madden for Wii."

Now, of course, this could be just idle chatter, but Matt has leaked a few tidbits before. You decide.
2006/04/28 9:03:23: Posted by DM
GameInformer got the chance to speak with Matt Atwood, the PR Manager of Nintendo of America about the new console name "Wii," where Nintendo is going, and other things. Check it out.
2006/04/27 22:38:13: Posted by DM
Perrin Kaplan, NOA's VP of corporate affairs, spoke with IGN today to discuss the new Nintendo console, which only today was dubbed the Wii. She goes over the pronounciation of the console's name, as well a some other stock answers.
2006/04/27 16:04:24: Posted by DM
IGN has the info form the latest issue of Famitsu where Japanese developers weighed in on the Wii (formerly the Revolution). There will be a serious number of Revolution titles on display at this year E3, of the 19 companies asked, 12 said they were planning to display a Wii title. Exciting!
2006/04/27 11:35:20: Posted by DM
Well that is it folks, the wait is over. The new Nintendo console is called the Wii. Pronounced "We." You can head on over to the website for the full details.
2006/04/26 13:40:49: Posted by DM
IGN has the lowdown from the latest issue of Famistu on Konami's new Revolution title called Elebits. The details are scarce, but in the game players will move about the Elebits world trying to collect the Elebits creatures. The "Ele" part of the name apparenlty signifies that the creatures are part electricity, and they are very small, thus the "bits."
2006/04/26 11:43:28: Posted by DM
According to AMN, sources have confirm that the Revolution Nunchaku controller will indeed feature a motion sensor and an accelerometer. This means that it will be be able to sense changes in pitch and yaw, as well as speed. We had thought this was old info but apparently it was never confirmed.
2006/04/25 19:59:01: Posted by DM
EA told 1up that they are working on Revolution titles and that the lack of HD is proving challenging. That, plus programming for the revmote makes for certain other issues that need to be overcome.

"One of the challenges for the Revolution is that it's not HD," he said. "If you think about RTS games, one element is the control scheme, but the other is the distance from the TV screen when you're playing a console game versus a PC game.
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