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2006/05/10 17:31:34: Posted by Oen
We have our first of two console hands on for you, and we chose to do the Wii. If you want to hear all about the console, check out the article.
2006/05/10 17:31:17: Posted by DM
We have some images for you of the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console interface, and we are happy to say it works very well. It even makes games like Mario 64 look better than usual! We will get some actual images of the games added as soon as possible.
2006/05/10 17:28:43: Posted by DM
First of all, let us just say that the Wiimote pretty much functions flawlessly. It is a great piece of technology. As you can see in the images, the pads all have specific functions. You will also see DM (in the hat) and VividBreeze playing the Wii Tennis game.
2006/05/10 17:26:47: Posted by DM
Here is another video that someone has posted on youtube that shows off Metroid Prime 3: Corruption being played on the Wii. It shows the actual guy controlling it with the corresponding movement on the TV. I don't know, but to us, it seems like there is an ever so slight delay from the movement of his arms to the movement on the screen. Click on the link to check it out and you be the judge.
2006/05/10 17:24:51: Posted by DM
Someone has posted a video on youtube that shows a girl playing the Super Mario Galaxy demo at E3. It also shows off some of Nintendo's booth. It's definitely worth checking out. Click on the link to view the video.
2006/05/10 13:28:23: Posted by purbeast
We bring you one of the first pictures of the Nintendo Wii Gun cradle for the Nintendo Wii, taken straight from E3! Click on the link for the pic!
2006/05/10 13:15:38: Posted by purbeast
Gamespot has a little hands-on impression with the latest Mario game brought to us from Nintendo that is for the Wii. They give a little walk through of what the demo is like and how it plays. Check it out!
2006/05/10 13:07:09: Posted by purbeast
While we all hear rumors the Wii will be between $200 - $300, the Vice President of Marketing for Sega claims that we can expect it to be $200 according to Forbes.

"Bet on the Wii will selling for less than $200, says Scott Steinberg, vice president of marketing for Sega (other-otc: SEGNF.PK - news - people ), one of the major game publishers for Nintendo consoles. Prices for both the Microsoft and Sony machines are higher due to their heavy-duty processing power, and the PS3 will also feature Sony’s next generation Blu-Ray DVD drive."

Click on the link to read the entire article.
2006/05/10 13:05:34: Posted by purbeast
We bring you the first information on Wario Ware: Smooth Moves for the Nintendo Wii. This will probably be one of the playable games at E3. It actually is so whacky it incorporates your whole body movements. Click on the news title for the screen shots and a lot more information!
2006/05/10 12:48:05: Posted by purbeast
IGN has learned that there will be a playable sequel to the class sequel that was seen with Nintendo's very first sytem back in the 80's - Duck Hunt 2! Combining the classic game play (with some updated stuff we can definitely count on) with the new functionality of the Wiimote, I would expect us to be in for a huge treat. Click on the link for more information!
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