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2006/05/09 13:30:46: Posted by purbeast
Shortly after the Nintendo conference is up we now also have the official DS lineup that will be shown at E3 starting tomorrow. Click on the news title for the full press release.
2006/05/09 13:13:08: Posted by nstavros
When we got our first look at the Wii in motion at last year's Tokyo Game Show, one of the games used to show off the potential of the console's unique controller was Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Given how well the demo worked we weren't too surprised to see a new Metroid game among the titles we had the chance to check out recently. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is the third entry in the Prime series and once again finds you playing as the original lady action hero Samus Aran. The demo finds her being summoned to an outpost under siege by a distress call.
2006/05/09 13:11:27: Posted by purbeast
Shortly after the conference finished, Nintendo officially announced the games that will be on display at E3 for their new Wii system. Included in these games are Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Excite Truck, Red Steel, and Wii Sports. Click on the news title for the full press release.
2006/05/09 13:05:20: Posted by purbeast
Nintendo officially announces their system with their official press release, after the finish of their Pre E3 conference in LA minutes ago. Click on the news title for the actual press release with all of it's detail and glory outlining the Wii.
2006/05/09 12:51:43: Posted by purbeast
Well the conference is over now and there was some great information and a lot of actual gameplay shown. They didn't talk much or show any of the Virtual Console, but I'm sure we'll see more of this at the actual show starting tomorrow. Click on the news for the play by play on this conference, which I personally think, blew away Sony's conference. (Thanks deftly!)
2006/05/09 12:45:01: Posted by purbeast
While Nintendo did not give any price or date for the Wii at the conference, they did say that we would be playing it 4th quarter of 2006. So that means we'll see it somewhere between October and December of 2006. The rumor was mid-November at a price of $250 max, so it looks like these rumors may still be true. We'll have to wait if they announce it officially in the next few days at E3.
2006/05/08 12:05:40: Posted by purbeast
The 3rd in a total of 4 videos to be releases is now available. This one looks to show off the new Mario vs. Luigi mode in this highly anticipated 2D Mario Game. Only about 1 week until it's available. Enjoy!
2006/05/07 22:29:19: Posted by DM
According to a recent Time Magazine article on the Wii, WarioWare is indeed going to put in an appearance on the console. Time also confirmed that there wil be swordfighting using the Wiimote in the new Zelda game. Exciting!
2006/05/07 13:41:54: Posted by DM
In case you have not already seen it, Nintendo posted a new video from the upcoming SMB DS game. This video shows a ton of new stuff that the game will feature so head on over and check it out.
2006/05/07 8:02:25: Posted by DM
Craig from IGN has posted some new media and imformation from the new Super Mario Brothers for the DS. This game plus the impending release of the DS Lite in the US should put the DS at the top of the handheld market for a while.
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