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2006/05/13 0:23:34: Posted by nstavros
Here it is, the exclusive upcoming list of the games that are in development for the Wii.
2006/05/12 19:22:03: Posted by nstavros
A brief look at Nintendo consoles over the years. You can make your own assumption if the new Nintendo Wii will follow suit and be $199 or wont.
2006/05/12 15:41:55: Posted by purbeast
Here is a video of the gate opening at the final day for E3 this morning. The Sony booth (as you can see) is on the left side, whereas the Nintendo booth is the blue/white area on the right side. Well just watch the video, and you will see why we put a Nintendo logo with this post and not a Sony logo.
2006/05/12 13:51:21: Posted by nstavros
An article describing the ways Nintendo overcame its adversaries and how they stole the show at this year's E3!
2006/05/12 12:44:15: Posted by purbeast
Here is a 3 minute video of someone battling the huge boss in Super Mario Galaxy taken at E3. Click on the link to view the video, pretty sweet!
2006/05/12 11:58:00: Posted by purbeast
Here is an in depth look at the Nintendo Wii and a lot of facts about it's hardware and launch details, as well as some accessories. Here is one really nice sounding quote.

How much cheaper [Wii] than the PS3?

Looking deeper for a solid source on the price, they simply have not yet been informed. One developer said “I’ll say it’ll cost between $149 and $299, just to be safe,” but his coworker shook his head and commented “definitely closer to $150.” Take that as you will.

Click the link for the full read.
2006/05/12 11:03:45: Posted by purbeast
Gametrailers has posted a roundtable discussion after day 1 of E3. They give their impressions of the show and conferences in a nice video. Check it out.
2006/05/11 18:54:18: Posted by nstavros
One of the first and only videos showing actual gameplay in the newly anticipated Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Nintendo Wii.It even shows the new characters in action! New characters include: Metaknight, Pit, Zero Suit Samus, Wario, and Snake.
2006/05/11 13:53:06: Posted by purbeast
After dropping the Smash Bros. bomb last night, Shigeru Miyamoto and Smash Bros. producer Masahiro Sakurai sat down for a series of pre-written and impromptu questions from the gaming journalists in the theatre. Click on the link for the full Q&A session.
2006/05/11 11:30:22: Posted by purbeast
Punchjump has a video taken at E3 that is of someone playing Mario 64 on the Wii's Virtual Console. This looks like it will be a good selling point for the Wii and very nostalgic for those of us who remember playing old Nintendo games. Click on the link to check out the video.
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