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2006/03/29 13:01:24: Posted by DM
Talking to CNN Money, Nintendo President Iwata said that customers are not taking the $60 and up pricetag of next-gan games too well. In response to that, all of the Nintendo first party games for their upcoming Revolution console will be $50 or under. Great news!
2006/03/29 8:46:01: Posted by DM
Nintendo's verison of Dynasty Warrios, Odama is just about ready to go. The official homepage is live, and it features all the standard game webpage fare. Those of you at work, this one has sound.
2006/03/27 16:58:56: Posted by DM
Iwata's speech at the GDC was not as revealing as we would have liked, but we did get a few surprises. Speaking to the Seattle Times, the Nintendo President bascially said they do not care what Sony is doing, and would not comment on a worldwide Revolution launch. Does this mean Nintnedo's plans have changed? Who knows.

Because what we are aiming at with the Revolution is much different from what Sony's aiming at with the PlayStation 3, I really don't think any changes in their schedule will affect Nintendo greatly.
2006/03/27 10:20:41: Posted by DM
Another bit of news to come out of the GDC was this tidbit. Apparently there will be no Rare titles available for downlaod on the Revolution. As you know, players will be able to download their favorite old NES and SNES games, for a fee, well you have to count the likes of Force Gemini, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, and Conker's Bad Fur Day out. Yes, even Bond.

Neither are gamers likely to see Goldeneye 007, unless both Rare and new license holder EA commit it to Nintendo's platform.
2006/03/24 15:52:53: Posted by DM
Gamecloud has been so kind as to post the full transcript of Nintendo CEO Iwata's keynote speech. If you missed any part of it, check it out.
2006/03/24 9:48:40: Posted by DM
No real zuprise here, Spiderman 3 the game is going to be heading to the Rev. We are sure this game will make it to all 3 next-gen consoles, seeing as how movie studios love to capitalize on movie games as much as possible. Hopefully the Rev version will make use of the Revmote with some creative webslinging.
2006/03/23 14:26:53: Posted by DM
The Wired blog has some cam images of the new Zelda DS game from the Iwata GDC keynote speech presentation. Not much more to say, check them out.

Update: We have added the official Nintendo video for the game. Click on the news title to view it.
2006/03/23 12:26:54: Posted by DM
The Keynote speech at GDC my Nintendo President Iwata was a mixed bag, at best. There was really no new Revolution info provided. Iwata did confirm that old Sega Genesis and Turbo Grafix 16 games would be playable on the Rev, but he did not specify how. Click read more for the full info and press release.
2006/03/23 11:16:14: Posted by DM
We told you a week or so ago that EA put up a job posting asking for programmers to possibly bring Will Wright's next sim game, Spore, to the major handhelds. Well, it turns out, that rumor was dead on. Talking with DSA, Wright confimed that the game will be appearing on both PSP and DS later this year.
2006/03/23 9:18:33: Posted by DM
According to Engadget, the Revolution may just be called NintendoGO. They base this on a leaked presentation slide that someone snapped a quick pic of. Stay tuned later today to see if this is indeed true.
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